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Make up is very important for your Wedding Day!


It's a day to remember forever, and you will be photographed all day so, as you will want to look the best you possibly can, why not try the latest, state of the art make up application - Airbrushing!


Airbrush make up is the way forward. The silicon-based make up is sprayed on to the skin by a compressor, which produces a fine mist of colour that gently coats the skin, giving the appearance of a flawless complexion, looking more natural than traditionally applied make up because it is not rubbed on to the skin, and does not exaggerate the pores and lines.


This technique is widely used in film, television and high-end photography, because the increasing use of high definition displays shows up everything!

Airbrushing is suitable for people of all ages and every skin condition. It is also a great way to achieve a lightweight, flawless foundation that can be blended to match any skin tone, and look completely natural. The make up will cover many skin imperfections, including tattoos, scarring and rosacea.

It's perfect for your Wedding Day. The silicon base's smudge proof and waterproof formula ensures that your make up will last all day and all of the evening

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