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By leglowbeautifulbrides, Sep 4 2017 02:44PM

Getting the best from your Bridal Hair & Make Up trial.

Hair & Make Up trial tips.

So, you are searching for the best bridal make up artist and hair stylist for your Wedding day!

When you have come across one or two who you think may be the most suitable for you, here are a few simple checks you can do to help you make a decision. Having been in the bridal make up business for over 25 years, and helped more than 500 Brides during that time, I have learned through experience how to get the very best out of a hair and make up trial.

1. Choose a make up artist/hairdresser from what you see on their online galleries and social media posts, or ask friends and family members for advice and recommendations. See if they specialise in natural looks, or if they can also do high glamour. The correct choice of the most compatible artists for the look you are after is the key. Ask yourself, "Do I want to look like the women in this gallery?"

My answer is that all Brides should look like themselves, but to be the best they have ever looked!

Don't book your make up artist/hairstylist on price alone - you are making an investment in your forever photographs which will still be there long after the day is done!

2. Have a selection of images you can refer to. Ideally, these should be of women with similar skin and hair types as yourself. The same make up style can look dramatically different on various skin tones, eye shapes and hair colours. Try to stick to images as close as possible to the way you naturally look.

Be realistic in what is achievable when comparing pictures from Pinterest and Instagram, for example, as some photos are heavily filtered. With Bridal make up, it is important to use natural light if at all possible, as this is much more flattering than some harsh artificial studio lighting. Make up with heavy contouring might look great on camera, enhanced with lighting and filters, but in reality it is too overwhelming compared with natural light.

3. Trials are very important to ensure that the products used are suited to your skin, hair and eyes. We use the best brands, but sometimes there may be an ingredient that doesn't suit and causes a reaction. Fortunately, this is very rare but some individuals are more sensitive so it is vital to know.

4. I will ask you come to your trial free of make up, but it is good for me to be able to see how much make up you would normally wear, so I will ask you to bring an up to date photo of yourself, taken in natural light if at all possible.

For hair trials, arrive with hair washed and dried the night before, and without any use of straighteners or product. By all means, bring with you any accessories you wish to wear on the day, if available. In our experience, doing the hair and make up trial together is the best way for the Bride to see how she will look on the big day!

We recommend that you wear a white or light coloured top similar to the colour of your Wedding dress. This allows the make up artist to match the right colour, as darker colour tops can cast a shadow on the skin, and this will affect the overall look.

Make up trials last around two hours, and adding hair will add around an extra hour, depending on the complexity and variety of the looks.

5. Book a trial at a time of your choosing. Some Brides go for a year in advance in order to feel confident they have made the right choice of make up artist/hairdresser. Most go for three to six months prior to the wedding as by then they have chosen their dress and can start to visualise how they want their complete bridal styling to look. We will take many photographs and make detailed noted so that we can recreate your look from the trial to the day itself. Trials are offered weekdays and some weekends when available. We do this in my home, so that we can control the area light and have the time to give you full individual attention.

We will NOT share your images before your big day, as most Brides prefer to keep their special look under wraps prior to the big reveal on the day! We always ask if you are happy for us to use your wedding day/trial images AFTER your wedding.

If you follow the pointers above, and find the right artists for you, you will have a very effective and enjoyable trial, all part of the very best experience you will ever have - Your Wedding Day!

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