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* SPECIAL OFFER * Le Glow Spray Bronze & Body Lotion


* SPECIAL OFFER * Le Glow Spray Bronze & Body Lotion


Spray'n'Bronze by Le Glow is the most extraordinary leg and body bronzer discovery in years!
You no longer need to subject your precious skin to the harmful ultra violet rays from the sun or sunbeds.

A truly healthy looking tan can be yours all year round.

Spray'n'Bronze is easy to apply. Shake well before use, and the pump action spray will dispense just the right amount on to your skin. Gently massage in to achieve this fabulous look.

Spray'n'Bronze is perfume free and allergy tested. It has extremely long-lasting qualities, and will not streak or smear.

It is also particularly economical, as this concentrated spray will go a long way!


Body Lotion by 'Le Glow' is a super-active hydrating body lotion, delicately perfumed with 'Issima' by Giovanni.  Always use after a bath or shower to help retain moisture in the skin, especially in those extra dry areas, like the knees, ankles and elbows.

Body Lotion by Le Glow is a truly effective moisturising body lotion, to fortify and protect the skin whilst increasing softness and suppleness. Skin will look smooth and feel silky.  Instant absorption for instant moisturising and moisture protection.

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