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Le Glow Moisture Cream


Le Glow Moisture Cream

A  light, non-greasy lotion moisturiser formulated for normal to oily skin types. It contains a water base with plant and herb extracts for purity e.g.Sage, which helps inflamed, sore and sensitive skins and promotes greater density and firmness of the tissue. It is soothing, cooling and improves the condition and colour, and is slightly antiseptic, due to the Camomile and Parsley it contains.

Even though the skin may be oily, a moisture cream helps to maintain the skins natural moisture balance by protecting and moisturising. It does not  add extra oil!
Contains Humectants, which are designed to attract moisture from the air and help to retain that moisture in our skin.

Smooth a tiny amount onto the fingertips and smooth over the face and throat with upward strokes. Use after toner and before make up.

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